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Archers for Christ Outdoor 3D Results
August 23, 2008
20 Targets

Cubs | Womens Bowhunter | Bowhunter Novice
Mens Bowhunter | Mens Open Trophy | Fun Round
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Cubs	               Score
1. Cameron Jones 	204
2. Alyssa Barker 	151

Womens Bowhunter
1. Lisa Miller 		DNF

Bowhunter Novice
1.Brent Thomas 		137

Mens Bowhunter
1. Nathan Barker 	187
2. Billy Bowden 	184
3. Travis Dull 		156
4. Travis Johnson 	153

Mens Open Trophy
1. Bruce Barker 	194

Fun Round
1. Dennis Miller
2. Ricky Goins
3. Tony Goins
4. Jesse Jenkins
5. Daryl Hazelwood

We would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us!
Keep a check on shootarchery.com and archersforchrist.org for
further events throughout the fall.

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