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Archers for Christ Outdoor 3D Results
August 9, 2008
20 Targets

Cubs | Youth | Womens Novice | Mens Bow Novice
Mens Bowhunter | Fun Round
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Cubs	               Score
1. Cameron Jones 	204
2. Ryan Hazelwood 	 98
3. Zack Goins 		 53
1. Keenan Poplin 	196
2. Matt McCormick 	184
3. Grant Matthews 	178
Womens Novice
1. Donna Matthews 	142
Mens Bow Novice
1. Adam Baker 		184
2. Brent Thomas 	155
Mens Bowhunter
1. David Bennett 	197
2. Brian Turney 	146
3. Bob Edwards 		133
Fun Round
Ricky Goins
Tony Goins
Andy Jones
Daryl Hazelwood
Josh Hazelwood
Mike Hazelwood
Chad Harris
Travis Lloyd
1st place winners should contact one of the officers by phone if they
would like us to send them their trophy or they can pick them up at our
next event. Officers phone numbers are listed at www.archersforchrist.org
We would like to thank everyone for coming out and for your support! Check
back at ShootArchery.com for our next event that will be coming up soon!

God bless! 

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