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Believer Archery Outdoor 3D Results
Team Shoot
August 14, 2021
10 Targets


Team                   Score
1. Derrick Thomas       432
   Carrie Lennox
   Maggie Colagerakis
   Samuel Cable
   Adam Reese

2. Dale Samples         427
   Kris Stevens
   Buddy McGaha
   Heidi Lanning
   Dusty Grant

3. Sam Smith            410
   Ken Mcelreath
   Eli Hunter
   Richard Delegatti
   Cooper Guffie

4. Heath Smoak          409
   Todd Thomas
   Mark Guffey
   Chad Afriat
   Chantelle Afriat

5. Drew Pruitt          406
   Russell Smith
   Bryson Geoghagan
   Mark Cable
   Jesse Guffie

6. Jon White            402
   Daniel Fuller
   Ernie Cable
   Grace Puckett
   Scotty Carver

7. Matt Morris          380
   Ross McDowell
   Mike Colagerakis
   Andrew Shelnut
   Corbin Chambers

8. Randall Crain        377
   Chance Frady
   Austin Wynn
   Brandon Compton
   Adam Boyd

9. Logan Clark          367
   Mason Guffey
   Alea Boyd
   Brady McConnell
   Dawson Johnson

10. Victor Marrone      360
    Kristine Hunniford
    Kelsie Freeman
    Luke Freeman
    Bubba Freeman

We had a great turn out with around 80 shooters
between the "Amateurs Shootin for Gold" and the
Team shoot combined. We want to Thank everyone
who came out and shot, set up vendors, ate bbq,
and fellowshipped with us. We are looking to
grow this event and make it the fundraiser for
the childrens home, but we would love to see
everyone out on Sept. 4 for that this year.

Thanks again,
Beau Bishop

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