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Bear Creek Archery Outdoor 3D Results
April 18/19, 2015
30 Targets

Known Distance Money | Womens Hunter | Male Hunter | Male Recurve
Male Youth | Male Cubs | Practice

Known Distance Money   Score
1. B.J Crawford         314 $12.00
2. Matthew Lawson       312
3. Brain Boggs          300
4. Charlie Parsons

Womens Hunter
1. Ashleigh Roenker     278

Male Hunter
1. Ed Rich              293
2. Nick Sexton          260

Male Recurve
1. Jason Dean           250
2. T.P. Sells           232
3. Mike Sexton          151

Male Youth
   Timothy Hill         nsc

Male Cubs
1. Owen Dean            104
   Charles Hill         nsc

Brian Moore
Austin Bollings
Ed Rich (Second Round)
Jason Dean(Second Round)
Lil Bud Moore
Jessee Shepherd
Caleb Lane

Thanks for everyone who came out.
Hope to see you this Saturday April 25th for the coon shoot.

Natasha Hill
Bear Creek Bowmen

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