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Bear Creek Outdoor 3D Results
Anna Mullins Benefit Shoot
August 13, 2017
25 Targets


Rick Ashworth           230
Trevis Bishop           235
Andrew Tucker
JJ Philips
Travis Lowe
Eli Smith
Brian Lowe
Anthony Gilbert
Dave Jackson
Aaron Beverly           246
Elizabeth Hileman
Kenneth Hileman
Charlie Parsons         247
Doug Wyatt
Scotty Branham
Christy Branham         252
Marcus Jennings         246
Jessica Tate            212
Brain Boggs             242
Robert Sexton
Timothy Hill
Charles Hill
Wess Stanley            242
Gary Mullins            227

We are so THANKFUL for everyone who came out to support this need.
There are several who came and donated but didn't shoot and we want
to make sure that you all know that the family Thanks you so much
and so does Bear Creek.

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