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Bear Creek Outdoor Field Results
July 10/11, 2010
28 Hunter Targets

Pro FS | FS | Senior FS | Master Senior FS | Bare Bow
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Pro FS	               Score
1. Jacob Phelps 	556 78x

1. Steven Day 		543 61x
2. Charlie Parsons 	532 47x
3. Calvin Dykes 	530 36x
4. Johnny Sowders 	527 33x
5. Dennis Hawk 		522 35x
6. Terry Murray 	520 36x

Senior FS
1. C.D. Miller 		538 52x
2. Don Davis 		502 29X

Master Senior FS
1. Jim Thurman 		534 52x
2. Bill McConnell 	490 17x

Bare Bow
1. Roy Sturgill 	INC

We finialy had some good weather and
that helped us to have a great turnout.
We want to thank everyone who came to
shoot and hope to see you at our next one.

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