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Bear Creek Indoor Results
March 8, 2014
Indoor Fun Shoot

The following persons came out and had a fun evening at the range.
We played 5 games and they had a blast. also thanks for the non players
who came out and watched and just hung out with everyone. we played O Ring,
TicTacToe, Swinging Water Balloon, 5 Card Draw, and shoot the flame out of the candle

Shooters name   game winners
Lamar Steele
Mathew Rose     (BH TIc Tac Toe winner)
Channon Stephanie Gibson
Jay McConnell
Caleb Lane
Brandon McCoy
Ernie Rose
Buck Yates
Logan Gardner
Red (Brickey)
Ben Osborne     (Water Balloon winner)
Chris Short     (O Ring, Flaming Candle, 5 Card draw FS winner)
Creed Flemming
Dennis Gibson   (BH 5 Card Draw winner)
Jacob Phelps    (FS Tic Tac Toe winner)
Roger Sexton
Timothy Hill
Brett Freeman
Philip Short
Daniel Miller
Michael Gilliam

Natasha Hill
Bear Creek Archery

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