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Bear Creek Field Results
April 19, 2008
28 Animal Face Targets

Freestyle | Barebow | Bowhunter

Freestyle	       Score
1. Jacob Phelps 	579
2. Dennis Hawk 		565
3. Charlie Parsons 	561
4. Sanford Hamilton 	561
5. Chris Mullins 	561
6. Tadd Hall 		556
7. Dusty Nutter 	414
8. Brian Boggs 		408

1. Roy Sturgill 	528

1. Jay Dicks 		544

We would like to thank Dusty Nutter and Hoyt for coming out and being with us Friday night
and all day on Saturday. Everyone enjoyed getting to shoot your bows and your door prizes
were very generous. Congratulations to Howard Phelps who won the drawing for a 2009 Hoyt
bow of his choice!! We also want to congratulate all the other prize winners. Thank you to
everyone who came out to shoot with us and spend time with us on Saturday. We also had some
members of the Scott County Youth Challenge Team at Bear Creek on Saturday and, as always,
we are glad to have you and to be of assistance to your kids.

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