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Bear Creek Indoor Results
March 3, 2007

Youth | Cubs

FS-AA	       	        Score  X's
1. Robert Sexton  	300  57x's
2. John Salyer  	299  47x's
3. Duckie Minor  	297  42x's
1. Tadd Hall  		293  24x's
2. Jay Dicks  		289  28x's
3. Dennis Hawk  	282  28x's
1. Herbie Masters  	286  25x's
2. Tooter Call  	281  17x's
1. Dennis Gibson  	300  47x's
2. Charlie Parsons  	399  43x's
3. Bud Moore  		294  39x's
1. Charles Parsons  	263  13x's
1. Megan Minor  	237   5x's
Boy did you guys miss some good food last night. Ken Maples was our cook and
he had spiral ham, baked beans, sweet potato casserole, candied sweet potatoes,
cole slaw, rolls, brownies and banana pudding!!!!! It was wonderful. Bear Creek
will be shooting indoor as long as we have people coming to shoot. Remember,
Bear Creek is having its fun shoot next Saturday night.  We'll be having a 2 day
3-D shoot on 3/10 & 11/07.  Beginning at 7 p.m. on Saturday night, we'll have our
fun shoot. We will be serving complimentary food at the fun shoot on Saturday night.
Come and join us - it's tons of fun!!
Thanks Deck for your good work and your promotion of Archery.

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