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Cross Trail Outfitters Outdoor 3D Pop-Up Results
June 20, 2015

Kids Class (16 and under)
Shootdown Results              Prizes
Champion: Landon Standish      Hoyt IGNITE Bow Package,  doz Easton Axis arrows
Runner Up: Payton Goforth      Dozen GoldTip Arrows, Bee Stinger Stabilizer,  Doz Arrows
Third: Ethan Floyd             Dozen GoldTip Arrows, Bee Stinger Stabilizer
Fourth: Colt Jordan

Rankings prior to shoot down
1. Landon Standish      100
2. Payton Goforth        97
3. Ethan Floyd           95
4. Colt Jordan           90
5. Landen Wilson         80
6. Layne Smith           55
7. Ben Caunt             53
8. Cody Fentress         51
9. Levi Blanchard        15
10. Carmen Newton        15

Hunter Class
Shoot down Results             Prizes
Champion: Brian Hampton        Hoyt CHARGER Bow Package,  doz Easton Axis Arrows
Runner Up: Judah Crowder       Ozonics Unit, Ozonics bag, Ozonics Hat
Third:  Wesley Holbert         Dozen GoldTip Arrows, Bee Stinger Stabilizer, 3 pack Muzzy Broadheads,
                               3 pack Nocturnal lighted nocks, Gorilla Tree Harness
Fourth: Jonah Crowder

Rankings prior to shoot down
1. Brian Hampton         98
2. Chris Ellis           98
3. Wesley Holbert        95
4. Jonah Crowder         95
5. BJ Philbeck           94
6. Mike McGill           94
7. Judah Crowder         93
8. Justin Reeves         93
9. Tyler Pruitt          93
10. Mike Davis           92
11. Josh White           90
12. Seth Barker          89
13. Phillip Queen        81
14. Jeremy Drees         78
15. Joshua Reep          76
16. Randy Standish       65
17. Jon Fentress         43
18. Bradley Ballard      39
19. Ashley Reep          23
20. Bobby Crouse         NSC

Money Class
Shoot down Results              Prizes
Champion - Wesley Holbert       $1000
Runner-Up - Heath McGill        $300
Third - Randy Hendrix           $200
Fourth - Dalton King

Rankings prior to shoot down
1. Randy Hendrix        111
2. Bill McCall          110
3. Heath McGill         105
4. Johnny Heath         104
5. Wesley Holbert       104
6. Alex Ballenger       103
7. Dalton King           99
8. Bryan Cox             97
9. Joel Tate             96
10. Daniel Simpson       94
11. Rusty Moore          92
12. Travis T-Bone Turner 88
13. Seth Barker          83

Walk-On Targets Long Distance Shoot Unknown Yardage

12:30 winner  - Brandon Davidson 2.75" from center -- payout $5.50
2:30 winner - Brandon Davidson 0.6" from center -- payout $8.50

Bowtech Shoot and Win Bow Package Winners
Bowtech RPM package - Landon Standish
Diamond Infinite Edge PRO - Landon Standish

We had 51 total shooters including fun shooters and had several show up that were
unable to wait in line to participate.  22 of the shooters were minors. Throughout
the wind and storms and technical difficulties, we had a great group and everyone
in attendance is a winner in life as each showed what it takes to help others. The
spectators were wonderful and much appreciated.  We thank all that came and helped
us raise money for the kids of Cross Trail Outfitters.  There were 425 present at
the awards ceremony at the banquet and 1300 at the concert. Overall, just over $20,000
was raised to help these kids across the entire event. Special thanks to Boiling Springs
Baptist Church for the use of their facilities. After the concert featuring NewSong was
finished there were12 professions of faith in Jesus Christ! It does make a difference!

Thanks to these Special Sponsors that teamed up with CTO Foothills to make this happen

Norris Archery, Hoyt Archery, Bowtech Archery, Easton Arrows, Goldtip Arrows, Bee Stinger
Stabilizers, Ozonics, Muzzy Broadheads, Nocturnal, Bill McCall and Full Draw Adventures,
Travis T-Bone Turner and Bone Collector, Tyler Pruitt and 704 Outdoors, Rack and Reel Outdoors,
Lethal Impact, and Midwest Whitetail.

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