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Backwoods Bow Hunters Outdoor 3D Results
Bowhunters Challenge At Pipestem State Park
September 4, 2021
25 Targets


Shooter                 Prize
Jim Boswell             Mathews Vertix (Long Shot Winner)
Tabitha Lusk            PSE Stinger
Jake Kennedy            Elite Victory X
John Atkins             Hog Hunt from Mountain Meadows
Jerry Hefinger          New River Trophy Outfitter Fishing Trip
Thomas Aliff            Lancaster Gift Card and Mathews Hat
Tristan Stiffler        Lancaster Gift Card and Mathews Hat
Colton Null             Lancaster Gift Card and Mathews Hat
Mike Horton             B3 wrist release
Jesse Scott             Dead Center Stabilizer
Travis Hayton           TruBall shirt and Hat
Tiffany Greathouse      Dead Center Stabilizer
Norman Farley           Grunt Tube and Bleat
Lexi Atkins             B3 Release
Raymond Honaker         Mossy Oak Knife
Roger Price             Rattle Bag and Bleat
Hunter Ward             TruBall Stinger Release
Ella Goodwin            TruBall Fang Release
Troy Stiffler           Bohning Shirt
Darren Kennedy          NAPA Gift Card
Tyler Deskins           Fletching Glue and Misc.
Jack Wright             Bohning Quiver
Alex Burrell            Bohning Jersey
Shawn Morgan            Bohning Jersey
Mikey Neal              Hot Hands
Tanner Price            Target
Tyler Copley            Rage Broadheads
Will Dalton             Bohning Quiver
Zack Griffith           Black Eagle Arrows and Hat
Logan Altizer           Rage Trypan Broadheads
Eli Hubbard             Owl Hooter
Susan Stewart           Black Eagle Arrows and Hat
Natasha Lambert         Vapple Package
Jonathan Lambert        Safety Harness
Rodney Hubbard          B-Stinger Stabilizer
Billy Taylor            Apex Sight
Carli Bryant            Shrewd Stabilizer
Harvey Alderman         Lucky Buck
Timmy Jones             Vapple Deer Pellets
Daniel Sole             Rage Broadheads
Cody DeLong             Black Eagle Arrows and Hat
Hunter Gore             Black Rack
Jim Boswell             Outdoor Edge Knife
James Snuffer           Lancaster Gift Card and Mathews Hat
Kristen Meadows         Rage Broadheads
Paisley Lane            Bohning Jersey
Brody Morgan            Rage Extreme
Cody Neal               Bohning Release Pouch
Maddie Sole             Rage Extreme
Tyler Stevens           Scope cover and Launch pad nocks
Levi Harrah             Shrewd Stabilizer
Adam McPeake            Bag Target
Easton Hubbard          PC Outdoors gift card
Rodney Greathouse       Bag Target
Bonnie Mead             Black Eagle Arrows and Hat
Tyler Wilson            NAPA Gift Card
Karlee Lusk             Bohning Quiver
Jonathan Shrewbury      $50 PC Outdoors Gift Card
Jerry Lusk              Squatch Strings
Hunter Jones            Bohning Bow Case
Gracen Sole             Bohning Bow Case
Lane Stewart            Rage Broadheads
James Alderman          Hunting Blind
Connor Lusk             Rage Broadheads
Jarod Hefinger          Bohning Jersey
Gage                    T3 Broadheads
Basil Riley             Trophy Taker Rest
Fallon Burrell          Free Alignment
Daniel Boswell          Release Pouch
Caleb Harrah            Free Alignment
Earl Hickerson          $50 PC Outdoors Gift Card
Eddie Hickerson         B-Stinger Stabilizer
Issac King              Apex Sight
Richard Lane            Vapple Scent Kit
Payden Cutlip           Treestand Lock and Mathews Hat
Alan Lambert            Apex Sight

WOW what a day.  The Bowhunter’s Challenge is
by far my favorite shoot. I want to thank the
sponsors that made this possible and everyone
that came out to support the event. I enjoy
setting the ranges and listening to the feedback
and all the stories that go with it. I want to
thank the guys at Hollywood archery for helping
out with everything. I also have to give a shout
out to the best chef I know, Caleb Cooper with
Rubcage BBQ. He is a busy man with preparing
food for people all over southern WV and he
made time to come to Pipestem to help us out.
It is greatly appreciated Caleb.

If you are on the list and wasn’t at the drawing
to pick up your prize please contact me. You can
message me on the Backwoods Bowhunters Facebook
page and I will get your information and make
arrangements to get your prize to you.

I want to wish everyone good luck this hunting
season and please be safe. If you are a treestand
hunter please use a lifeline, if you fall it will
save your life and limit the chance for severe
injury. I had a friend fall out of a tree and I
had to help him out of the woods and get him to
the hospital. Trust me its not worth it to take
a short cut.

See you all next year


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