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Backwoods Bowhunters
Austin Wiley's Bowhunters Challenge Memorial
September 9, 2017
List of Winners


Chuck Rogers            Doe Bleat and scent pack
Eli Graham              Bohning Quiver
Donnie Meadows          Bohning Quiver
Holly Wiley             Rinehart Broadhead Target
Kip Good                Moultrie Game Camera
Angel Alexander         Scent Killer and scent pack
Karl Stock              1 Doz Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie
Heath Evans             Big Game Equipment Hoist
Ebby Muncey             Bow Case and Doe scent
Shawn Cole              Rinehart Broadhead Target
Willy Wiley             Rinehart Buck Decoy
Jeff Davis              1 Doz Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie
Jessica Minnix          6 Black Eagle Outlaw arrows
Jonathon O'Neal         6 Black Eagle Outlaw Arrows
Jeff Stevers            Trufire Release
Jarrod Sizemore         Trophy Rock
Terry Blankenship       Head Lamp
Shaun Minnix            Gun Case and Doe in Heat
Raymond Honaker         Atomic Acorn
Steven Coburn           Case Knife and Doe Scent
Ethan Fontaine          Rattle Bag and Doe Scent
Kevin Meadows           Duffle Bag
Johnny Stiltner         Practice Target
Jason Neal              Muddy treestand umbrella and doe scent
Brandon Neal            $50 gift certificate from Brogan's Long Shot
Skylar Angel            Variety Pack, ear and eye protection
Travis Hayton           Mossy Oak knife
Tanner White            Case Knife
Will Dalton             Drop away arrow rest
Curtis Burdette         Game Cart
Robert Baldridge        Stainless steel cook set
Mark Taylor             2 wildgame cameras
Danny Kennedy           Tinks deer scent pack
Kaydee Wiley            Spot Light
Abbee Wiley             Cook set
Wayne Stroupe           Cast Iron Pot
Derrick Alexander       Trophy Ridge Rest
Madilyn Minnix          Trophy Ridge Sight
James Kemp              Covert Camera
Nathan Tiller           Pipestem Spa gift certificate
Issac Jones             $50 Brogan's Long Shot gift card
Casey Gravely           Gerber Machete
Tanner White            Ammo Box, Ear and eye protection
Aaron Ray               Truball release and shirt
Daniel Boswell          Copper John sight and doe scent
Isaiah Graham           Broad heads and AEP arrow puller
Donnie Bailey           Copper John sight, game call and doe in heat
Chris Shirtz            Bungee Chair
Zack Moore              Truball release and shirt
Dennis Patterson        Axion Sight
Elijah Fontaine         Bohning Quiver
Garrett Blankenship     AEP stabilizer
Jim Boswell             Rinehart 18 N 1
Brandon Fontaine        Primos call, doe bleat and doe scent
Eric Johnson            $50 Brogan's Long Shot gift card
Ethan Mounts            $50 Brogan's Long Shot gift card
Cody DeLong             $50 Brogan's Long Shot gift card
Bryan Johnson           $50 Brandon's gift card

Winner of the Blind and Chair for the long shot was Dennis Patterson

Winner of the Turkey Hunt was Isaiah Graham

I would like to thank everyone that came out to shoot. The Bowhunters Challenge
is a different type event to where your score doesn't count and score cards are
drawn to determine the winners. For those of you who didn't make the shoot you
missed a good time. If you are on the list and wasn't at the drawing please
contact me and I will make arrangements to meet you some where.

I would also like to thank Gold Tip, Black Eagle, AEP, Bohning, Shrewd, Brandon's,
Brogan's Long Shot, Pipestem Spa, Regina White and Charger Wiley. Without all of
you all we wouldn't have been able to make Austin's event a success.

Well that's a wrap for the 2017 archery season at Backwoods Bowhunters and I hope
to see everyone next year. Be safe in the woods and I hope that all your archery
preparation pays off with a memorable hunt that will last a lifetime. I also want
to thank Greg and Shelia Gravely for letting me use their property and putting up
with me so that we can have a place to shoot.

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