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Clouds Creek Archery Outdoor 3D Results
July 22, 2012
20 Targets

Open Trophy | Outlaw | Bow Novice | Womens Bowhunter
Youth | PeeWee

Open Trophy	       Score   12's
1. J.R. Shultz		199     5
2. Cody Glasscock      	177   	2

1. Harold Kite          197   	6

Bow Novice
1. Dewayne Smith      	194   	6
2. Shaun Holt           189     2
3. Rodney Trent         n/s

Womens Bowhunter
1. Cortney Glasscock 	134    	1

1. Landon Condra      	140
2. Cameron Condra   	100

1. Luke Condra         	136

We had 2 people shoot a practice round.

Thanks to all who came out to shoot Sunday, our next shoot is
August 5th come out and join the fun. Also wanted to let everyone
know that I have 15 practice targets set out on the range for you
to come any time starting Tuesday 7/24/12. Just place $5.00 in the
lock box on the corner of the garage and get a score card under the box.
When you are done shooting put card with your name and date on it in the box.
If you have any qestions see person in the house next to the range.

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