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Cherokee Laurel Bloomery Outdoor 3D Results
August 10/11, 2013
30 Targets


Hunter                 Score
1. Wes Rains            294
2. Timmy Potter         244
3. Wayne Vanover        211
4. Sam Adams            135

1. Johnny Price         229

Open Trophy
1. Carl Howell          227

1. Shane Pennington     257

1. JW Tester            284

1. Andrew Stevens       246

Cherokee Championship Winners
1. Sam Adams

Open Trophy
1. Carl Howell

1. Johnny Price

Shane Pennington

JW Tester

We would like to thank everyone that came to shoot.
It turned out to be a pretty day after a rough start.
We had 5 practice shooters.  Congratulations to the winners,
A very special Thanks goes out to Staff of Cherokee Bowhunter
club and to the Archers that came out to work and shoot on
July 20th and 21st 2013 for the Catch a Dream shoot, You all
raised $1970.00 to send a very special child on a dream of a
life time Hunting or Fishing trip, Thanks to everyone that
helped make this possible. Next shoot is Big Pine championship
shoot on Aug. 17th and 18th. have a safe week, Thanks to Deck
for keeping scores posted.

Jeff and Shane

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