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Cherokee Laurel Bloomery Outdoor 3D Results
August 25/26, 2012
30 Targets

Hunter | Open Trophy | Open Money | Seniors
Traditional | Unlimited | Lady Hunter | Cubs | Pee Wee


Hunter	               Score
1. Chase Gillespie 	295
2. Tim Potter 		261
3. Dale Potter 		200
4. Russell Feeman 	NSC

Open Trophy
1. Shorty Miller 	257

Open Money
1. Kevin Icenhour 	232

1. Shane Pennington 	286

1. Doug Calhoun 	232
2. Danial Stout 	202

1. JW Tester 		262

Lady Hunter
1. Brandy Milller 	241

1. Charliegh Gobble 	Medal

Pee Wee
1. Gus Osborne 		Medal

We had 11 practice shooters, making a total of 24 shooters,
A big THANKS to Deck Miller for all the updates and posting of club information.
Our next shoot is SEPTEMBER 8/9, 30 Target Hunter Warm up, Please no Broad heads,
Everyone have a safe Labor Day.
Please join us on Sept 15/16 as we host a 30 target benefit shoot for Shorty Miller.

Again Thanks,

Shane Pennington,

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