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Cherokee Laurel Bloomery Results
December 29, 2007
20 3D Targets, Indoors

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Team		       Score
1st Place Team:
Nathan Winters		225
Max Blevins		192
Team Total		417

2nd Place Team:
Ron Oaks		218
Josh Bryant		192
Team Total		410

3rd Place Team:
J W Tester		218
Jeff Lewis		187
Team Total		405

4th Place Team:
Alan Lewis		220
David Campbell		182
Team Total		402

5th Place Team:
Kevin Icenhour		187
Cody Bryant		212
Team Total		399

6th Place Team:
Derek Brown		204
Ronnie Henson		191
Team Total		395

7th Place Team:
Steve Isaacs		200
Ronnie Hayes		186
Team Total		386

8th Place Team:
Randy Winters		194
Johnny Eastridge	186
Team Total		380

9th Place Team:
Jerry Gentry		192
Brandon Smith		180
Team Total		372

10th Place Team:
Shane Pennington	194
Kenny Combs		176
Team Total		370

11th Place Team:
Donnie Henson		195
Angie Combs		168
Team Total		363

We had a total of 22 shooter's and a great time. We will be having
an indoor shoot every Saturday night thru the middle of March.

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