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Cherokee Laurel Bloomery Results
March 22, 2008
20 3D Targets, Indoors

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Shooter	       Score
Team # 1
Kevin Icenhour 	231
John Triplett 	212
Team Total 	443
Team # 2
JW Tester 	219
Ken Combs 	206
Team Total 	425
Team # 3
Alan Lewis 	228
Angie Combs 	185
Team Total 	413
Team # 4
Jerry Gentry 	218
John Eastridge 	192
Team Total 	410
Team # 5
Josh Bryant 	213
Donnie Henson 	182
Team Total 	395
Team # 6
Jacob Henson 	180
There were a total of 11 shooters tonight and we all had a good time, just 1 more week of our  indoor
3-D shoots then the rest will be outdoors. We hope to see everyone next week as we finish our  indoor
season up. Cherokee Bow Hunters Club would like to thank everyone that has shot with us so  far  this
year. And we would also like to say thanks to you also Deck for all that you have done for us.  Thank
you again,

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