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Cherokee Laurel Bloomery Results
March 29, 2008
20 3D Targets, Indoors

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Shooter	         Score
Team # 1
Alan Lewis 	  205
John Triplett 	  178
Team Total 	  383
Team # 2
Johnny Eastridge  193
Ronnie Henson 	  179
Team Total 	  372
Team # 3
Josh Bryant 	  185
Donnie Henson 	  185
Team Total 	  370
Team # 4
JW Tester 	  194
Max Blevins 	  171
Team Total 	  365
Team # 5
Jerry Gentry 	  188
Lucas Henson 	  102
Team Total 	  290
We had a total of 10 shooters tonight and we had a great time closing out the indoor season.
We would like to thank everyone that shot our indoor ranges with us this year you all were
great and we appreciate everyone for making our indoor season a great success.

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