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Cherokee Laurel Bloomery
May 29, 2010
Kids Day

Up to 5 | 6 to 8 | 9 to 12 | Sponsors | Special Thanks


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Up to 5
1. Timothy Brown
2. Little John Miller
3. Christian Atkins
6 to 8
1. Isaiah Brown
2. Isaac Brown
3. Nathan Blevins
4. Camberon Atkins
5. Cody Barnes 
6. Chance Phillips
9 to 12
1. Patrick Brown
2. Zachary Winters
3. Will McCloud
4. Griffin Brown

We had a total of 13 kids to show up and participate. They all had a great time
and will hopefully be interested in archery after getting to learn what archery
was about. 
We would like to send out a special Thank You to those that made donations for
our prizes that we gave the kids;
Joe Byrd and Schrade
Comfort Systems USA
The Garden Barn
Johnson County Builders Supply
Best Buy
TNT Outdoors
Brian & Heather McQueen
Special Thanks
We would also like to thank our adult members that helped us with kids day;
Don & Dee Ruff
Shorty & Brandy Miller
Terry & Shannon Brown
Brian & Heather McQueen
Chris Lucas
JW Tester
Shane Pennington
Kevin Icenhour
Nathan Winters
Jennifer Barnes
Ronnie Atkins
John Eastridge

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