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Cherokee Laurel Bloomery Outdoor 3D Results
Tots for Tots Benefit Shoot
October 24/25, 2009
30 Targets

Hunter | Traditonal | Youth | Cubs
Pee Wees | Donations
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Hunter	               Score
1. Logan Fry 		303
2. Allan Neal 		300
3. Gary Fry 		292
4. Kenny Owens 		289
5. Brandon Smith 	246
6. Mac Stricklin 	234
7. Brian McQueen 	215
8. Jake Cook 		NSC
8. Todd Miller 		NSC
8. James Viars 		NSC
8. Johnny Viars 	NSC
8. Martin McVey 	NSC

1. Jim Fields 		263
2. Jack Rhudy 		252
3. TP Sells 		246

1. Joe Smith 		244
2. Landon Fry 		226

1. Makenzie McQueen 	201

Pee Wees
1. Whitney Stricklin 	 58

Donations were also given for this shoot from;
JW Tester
Joe Smith
Shane Pennington
Jack Rhudy
John Eastridge
Jim Fields
Brian McQueen
Makenzie McQueen
Brandon Smith

We would like to thank everyone that came out and supported this cause. We were
able to raise $250.00 and several toy donations for the kids. Thanks again to
everyone that came out and shot with us or just gave a donation for the event.

Thanks to ShootArchery.com for all that you do for us to, without you guys we
wouldn't have been able to get the word out.

John Eastridge

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