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Cherokee Laurel Bloomery Indoor 3D Results
October 25, 2008
20 Indoor 3D Targets
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Team #1
Clarence Roten 		241
Stephen Jarnigan 	199
Team Total 		440

Team #2
Ronnie Poe 		222
Angie Combs 		201
Team Total 		423

Team #3
Rodney Johnson 		215
Todd Miller 		204
Team Total 		419

Team #4
Martin McVey 		231
Billy Hash 		184
Team Total 		415

Team #5
Ricky Little 		207
John Triplett 		207
Team Total 		414

Team #6
Jerry Gentry 		215
Alan Lewis 		198
Team Total 		413

Team #7
Josh Bryant 		232
Ken Combs 		178
Team Total 		410

Team #8
Jim Jennings 		207
John Eastridge 		188
Team Total 		395

Team #9
Johnny Viers 		216
Brandon Smith 		178
Team Total 		394

Team # 10
Kevin Icenhour 		212
Josh Harmon 		171
Team Total 		383

Team #11
JW Tester 		232
Joe Smith 		121
Team Total 		353

We would like to thank everyone that came out and supported us on
our first indoor shoot of the season. Our next shoot will be
November 15th, we will have an outdoor Toys for Tots shoot.
All you have to do to shoot is donate a $8 to $15 dollar toy or make
a money donation, all money goes to buy toys for under privledged
children in the community. Gates will open at 8:00 a.m. It will be a
30 target shoot, plaques and trophies will be given to the winners.
Afterward we will have our second indoor shoot of the seaon. Indoor
shoots start around 6:30 p.m.  We will have two indoor shoots in December
the first on the 6th, the second on the 27th. We will also have a
membership meeting on the 27th before the shoot.


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