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Cherokee Bow Hunters Outdoor 3D Results
Laurel Bloomery
September 12/13, 2020
30 Targets

Cubs | Female Known 40 | Male Hunter Known | Male Hunter Trophy
Male Known 40 | Male Known 45 | Male Open Trophy | Senior
Senior Known 40


Cubs                   Score
1. Madalyn Mason        279
2. Deaven Lawson        223

Female Known 40
1. Susan Caudill        284     $30.00
2. Lisa Phillips        254
3. Rhonda Gilley        202

Male Hunter Known
1. Robert Fizer         300     $40.00
2. Ben Woodward         294
3. Dale Gillespie       281
4. Jacob Woodward

Male Hunter Trophy
1. Blake Lawson         296     Trophy

Male Known 40
1. Dustin Crumley       283     $30.00
2. John Robinson        234
3. Darell Woodward      208

Male Known 45
1. Austin Almany        310

Male Open Trophy
1. Greg Gilley          245     Trophy

1. Jerry Campbell       292     $20.00
2. Jim Swift            277

Senior Known 40
1. Fred Bowling Sr.     316     $40.00
2. Kenneth Neely        312
3. Jonathon Harrison    303
4. Eugene Mason         299


No 12 Pot Winner.

Thank You to all of our Archers for their
support. It is so great to see new faces.
Thank You to Deck for all his ITT support.
He's the greatest.

Sept. 19, 2020 is our "End of Days" Championship Tournament.
You did not have to pre-qualify to be able
to shoot in this tournament. There will be
20 targets with five (5) targets in shoot off.
Shoot-Out Start at 10:00 am.
End of Registration is at 9:30 am.
Come early for a good parking spot.
Members will be available to assist in
parking needs, if necessary.
Pee Wee up to 7 yrs old: FREE
Cubs: $10.00
Practice: $10.00
All others: $20.00

Pee Wees and Cubs will shoot with a parent.

Hot dogs and Sodas will be furnished by Cherokee.
Bring a covered dish of your choice, or not.

We have two Elite Enlist compound bows and
one CAMX 330 crossbow distributed by Elite,
"The World's Most Shootable Bow", and other
great door prizes to be given away. We wish
to thank everyone in advance for their great
support to Cherokee. It has been our honor
to meet and greet each of you this season.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our
indoor tournament

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Jim n Linda

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