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Cherokee Laurel Bloomery Outdoor 3D Results
Short Miller Benefit Shoot
September 15/16, 2012
30 Targets

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Unlimited	       Score
1. Kevin Kilby		283

1. Todd Miller		295
2. Sam Thomas           283
3. Timmy Potter         282
4. Tim Smith            258
5. John Thomas Sr.      247
6. Joe Louk             231
7. Eddie Snyder         158
8. Johnthan Jones       NSC
9. Kenneth Neddy        NSC
10. Matt Stout          NSC

1. Jim Fields		294
2. Johnny Price         282
3. Jack Rhudy           278
4. Doug Calhoun         245
5. T.P. Sells           243
6. Jerry Compton        240
7. Lynn Compton         125

1. John Viers		281
2. Dennis Henderson    	258
3. Shane Pennington     256

Open Trophy
1. Todd Chapman      	305
2. John Thomas          280
3. Todd Allen           226
4. David Needy          NSC

1. Shelby Louk		267

1. J.R. Henderson       306
2. Chloe Woods          304
3. Alexis Allen         234
4. Daylen Richardson    NSC
5. Brycen Richardson    NSC

We had 11 practice shooters, making a total of 42, We would like to Thank everyone
for coming out for this event, We raised $900.00 hundred dollars for Shorty Miller
and Family. We know it will be greatly appreciated I would also like to Thank all the
people and all the other clubs that make the sport of Archery possible, There is a lot
of hard work that goes into setting a range up and making sure the targets are in good shape,
and safety always comes first, I would also like to Thank all our club members at Cherokee
Bowhunter Club that helped work our range and keep it working, everyone done a great job.

Thanks Shane.
Everyone have a safe hunting season and we hope to see everyone when we start indoors,
it will be posted at a later date. And as always a special Thanks to Deck for keeping
everything posted. Thanks Again

Johnny Eastridge	Sec.
Jeff Tester             Vice Pres.
Shane Pennington       	Pres.

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