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These results brought to you by:

Cherokee Laurel Bloomery Outdoor 3D Results
Hunter Warm Up Shoot
September 21/22, 2013
30 Targets

Traditional | Hunter | Seniors | Open Trophy | Cubs


Traditional            Score
1. Johnny Price         275
2. Doug Calhoun         239

1. John Thomas Jr.      293
2. Timmy Potter         292
3. Sam Thomas           276
4. Wayne Vanover        273
5. John Thomas Sr.      265
6. Ethan Tester         251
7. Mark Stanley         251
8. Dustin Roush         205
9. John Robinson        INC

1. Don McCarter         258
2. Doug Hatley          240
3. Shane Pennington     226

Open Trophy
1. Shawn Robinson       257

1. Cole Lane            261

The drawing for the prizes were drawn by 4 year old Ms Lilley Powell,
a very special Thanks to her for helping out.
1st Four Wheeler goes to Billy Ray Icenhour
2nd. ADL 30/06 700 Rem. goes to Chris Reece
3rd. $100 Gift Card goes to Harold Cole
Johnny Eastridge the won Custom Trout Rod
Shane Pennington  50/50 winner

We would like to Thank everyone for helping make it a good year for our outdoor season,
keep a ck and we will try to post our indoor shoot soon as we can. We had 23 practice
shooters for the day, Hope everyone has a very safe hunting season, also we would like
to keep in our prayers the ones that have been sick and not been able to shoot with us
this summer, our thoughts and prayers go out to you, take care, We may try to have a
Halloween shoot in late October. Keep a check on Shoot Archery, if we can get it worked out.

Thanks again from
Jeff and Shane and the
Cherokee Bowhunter Staff,

Past Winners can get in touch with Jeff @ Cornfedwolley@Hotmail.com
Cole Lane x2
Johnny Price
John Thomas Jr. x2
Timmy Potter x2
Don McCarter
Doug Stahton
Jacob Greer
Darrell Dyson
Jim Fields
Cody Bryant
Charles Carroway
Stratin Mullins
Russell Freeman
Jared Adkins
Austin Schweiger
Chris Cannon
Santana Manual
David Cannon x2
Kristie Cannon
Seth Benfield
Margaret Schweiger
Wes Rains
Timmy Wise
John Wise
Brian Cooper
Rowdy Riddle

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