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East Tennessee Archery Center Outdoor 3D Results
ASA Club Shoot
June 3/4, 2016
20 Targets

Traditional | Senior Open | Bow Novice | K/40 Money

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Traditional            Score   12's
1. Roger Abernathy      169     2

Senior Open
1. Phil Goodson         200     2

Bow Novice
1. Joshua Woods         206     7

K/40 Money
1. Randy Cogdill        208     8  $8.80

7 Practice Rounds

Thanks to those of you who came out and supported ETAC this weekend
even though the London KY ASA Tourney was going on! A shout of CONGRATS
going to Michael Lankford of Noble Fellowship Archery Range for making
it into the TOP 10 of the OPEN C Class! Even though he is just outside
the East Tennessee borders (South Chattanooga) he is very much part of
the East Tennessee Archery Community! Congrats again Michael

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