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Eagle's Wings Archery, Outdoor 3D
August 30/31, 2008
20 Targets
85 Shooters

No Score kept, Names were drawn for Prizes.
Eagle's Wings Web-Site

 Shooter		Prize
 Coy Bright        	Rinehart 18-1 Target
 Carrie Teague    	Hunter Grab Bag
 Andy Goins        	Hunter Grab Bag
 Jared Bundrage    	Two (2) T-Shirts
 Tony Smith        	Hunter Grab Bag
 Bubba (?)            	Cough Silencer & Hands free upgrade
 Kelly King       	4 packs of slow cooker seasonings
 Jake Davis        	Hunter Grab Bag
 David Lutey        	Hunter Grab Bag
 Katie Matthews    	1 doz Carbon Impact Arrows
 Lyndell Waters    	Bodoodle Rest
 Travis Morgan		Hunter Grab Bag
 Jessee Hutchison    	Hunter Grab Bag
 Dave Bashaw        	Hunter Safety System Vest
 Ned Fisher        	Wrench Kit with Holster & bow wax
 Mike Byrum        	Hunter Grab Bag
 Justin Dexter        	Hunter Grab Bag
 Micah Neil        	Climbing Harness
 Mike Reynolds        	Hunter Grab Bag
 Jamie Wells        	Odor Free spray, detergent, soap and wipes

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