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Eagles Wings Bowhunters Skill Shoot Results
September 1/2, 2007
25 Targets

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Max 30 yards; Some from chairs; Some with foot position indicated.
Scoring system:  Normal 12 & 10 ring equals a "plus 2"
A normal 8, 5 or a miss equals a "minus 2"
Passing on the target equals no change in score
(The idea is to know your ability and the target well enough and to
have the discipline to know when to pass on taking a shot.)

We had 114 shooters.
high score for the weekend 	"+42".
low score for the weekend   	"-44".

2 person team shoot 40 yard max.
1. Harold Williams & Jeff Hennessee 	+56  $48.00
2. Mike Dilbeck & Robert Carter 	+36
3. Joey Brady & Jay Allen 		+16
4. Mike & Milton Manley 		-24

Darlene Alexander was the winner of the $100 gift certificate.

Skill Shoot Score cards were drawn for prizes:
Brian Walden		Back Pack
Logan Kennedy		Morrell Bag Target
Jason Basler		Deer Cam
Clint Satterfield	Bibs with built in safety harness
Daniel Teague		ThermaCell Lantern
Steven Basler		Mathews reversible vest
Carol Ayers		Crock Pot seasoning mixes
Virginia Carnley	Target Quiver
Todd Kidd		Buck Stop Assortment
Paul Hill		TreeStand Bow Holder
Kenny Weaver		Assorted Hunting Accessories
Nancy Wells		1 doz Carbon Impact Arrows
Carrie Teague		Plot Saver Kit
Josh McDaniel		Back Pack
Curtis Tollett		ProGraze Seed and ph Soil Test kit
Jared Bundrage		Muzzy shampoo & soap
Terry Tollett		Bow Grunter call and Primos Can
Wesley Daus		Assorted hunting accessories
Richard Alexander	Game Stalker hearing aid
Wes Cameron		Limb Saver Pack
Jim Ilar		T-shirt pack
Brent Pursifill		Cough Silencer with hands free upgrade
Nic Justice		Back Pack
Dan Chamblee		T-shirt pack
Milton Manley		assorted scents
Troy Mackie		archery wrench set & bow wax
Nick Heidle		Buck Stop Pack
Brian Curtin		Back Pack
Jimmy Hatley		Assorted hunting accessories

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