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Foggy Mountain Traditional Shoot Results
May 31/June 1, 2008
40 Targets

Mens Recurve | Mens Longbow
Mens Primitive | Cubs | Tuff Man

Mens Recurve	       Score
1. Cecil Louthren 	299  1st
2. Anthony Meeks 	246
3. Jim Cooper 		243
4. Alan Lambert 	236

Mens Longbow
1. Darrin Umberger 	288  1st

Mens Primitive
1. Calvin Parks 	210  1st

1. Cody Meeks 		382  1st

Tuff Man Winner
1. Cecil Louthren 	 26

Thanks to everyone who came out. Not a good turn out but we enjoyed the fellowship
with the new faces that had never been to our club before. Hope you guys enjoyed it
and will return to shoot with us again on our regular circuit shoots. Don't forget
our next shoot. Its the biggy. This shoot will have you tuned up for the "Grove".
40 Targets.
Teddy and Ricky

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