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Haag's 3D Archery Outdoor Results
April 7, 2012 Easter Shoot
20 Targets

Open Money | Open Trophy | Hunter | Womens Bow Hunter | Cubs

Haag's 3D Archery Web-Site

Open Money	       Score
1. Jason Blair 		180-7 ($12)
2. Ron Blair 		153-3

Open Trophy
1. Robert Carter 	175-3 (Trophy)
2. Melissa Carter 	155-0

1. Kenny Weaver 	      (Medal)

Womens Bow Hunter
1. Susie Lawson 	181-0 (Medal)

1. Chance Bacon 	160-1 (Trophy)
2. Lucas Hinkle 	132-1 (Medal)
3. Keana Way 		108-0 (Medal)

Thank you for everyone that came out this weekend. No one hit the easter egg and
shattered it, but Kenny Weaver grazed it with his arrow. He will get a free practice round!!!
I hope everyone can make it out for our next tournament. April 14-15, 2012.

Steven Haag

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