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Haag's 3D Archery Outdoor 3D Results
August 27/28, 2011
20 Targets

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Mens	                Score
1. Joe Swiney 		204-6
2. Clint Porter		188-2
3. Kyle Robinson 	186-2
4. Shane Ferguson 	174-1
5. Kevin Jett 		170-1
6. Michael Hill 	164-1
7. Scott Payne 		151-0
8. Jason Barlow 	134-1
9. Shane Casey 		124-1
1. Marian Thomas	 74-1

1. Jamie Seal 		185-3

1. Caleb Porter 	187-2

1. Stone Payne 		190-4
2. Taylor Jett 		175-3

5 Practice Shooters

Door Prizes
Limsaver Modular Stabilizer
Winner Kevin Jett

Limbsaver Equalizer
Winner Henry Owens

Limb Saver Camo Stabilizer
Winner Scott Payne

Free $3 T Shirts
Marian Thomas, Dale Moyers, Stone Payne, Howard Starcher, Clint Porter,
Michael Hill, Ike Killian, Jamie Seal, Kyle Robinson, Joe Swiney

Hoyt Shooter Shirt
Winner Jason Barlow

Practice Round
Winners Taylor Jett, Shane Ferguson

Bow Slings
Winners Caleb Porter, Shane Casey, Jr Thomas

$2 off tournament shoot
Winners Dale Moyers, Scott Payne, Marian Thomas, Shane Ferguson,
Howard Starcher

$5 off tournament shoot
Winners Ike Killian, Shane Casey

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