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Haag's Outdoor 3D Archery Monday Night League Results
May 23, 2011
10 Targets

Haag's 3D Archery Web-Site

1st Place
Jordy Harmon 	108-6
Paul Poppe 	 88-0
Total: 		196-6

2nd Place
Kevin Dingess 	 97-2
Ben Swanger 	 78-0
Total: 		175-2

3rd Place
Richard Fultz 	 82-2
Michael Hill 	 76-0
Total: 		158-2

4th Place
Eric Trent 	 81-1
Brandon W. 	 75-0
Total: 		156-1

5th Place
Jeff Hinkle 	 71-1
James Harmon 	 68-1
Total: 		139-2

Winning team decided to shoot off for the money!
Target 1
1st Paul Poppe 	 10 ($25)
2nd Jordy Harmon  8

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