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JBC WSOA Indoor Results
Jan 2, 2010

Qualifying Round | Head to Head Elimination

Qualifying Round
Shooter Last Arrow Score
Kevin McMillion 11 305
Jerry Brumfield 10 311
John Judy 9 324
Bob Morgan 9 316
Melinda McMillion 9 302
Joe Sabastian 9 288
John Wheeler 8 333
Alex Burrell 8 315

Head to Head Elimination
John Judy Jerry Brumfield Jerry Brumfield
2nd Place
Melinda McMillion
1rst Place
Jerry Brumfield
John Wheeler Bob Morgan
Bob Morgan
Joe Sabasian Alex Burrell Melinda McMillion
Alex Burrell
Kevin McMillion Melinda McMillion
Melinda McMillion

Traditional shoot for Jan 5th 12th and 19th canceled

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