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Kingsport Archery Club
2017 Championship Qualifier List
Championship to be held August 26, 2017
10:00 am Shotgun Start

Open | Hunter | Open Trophy | Known 50 | Seniors | Known 40 Men
Known 40 Women | Women Hunter | Women Open | Traditional | Cubs


Below is the list of the qualified shooters for the 2017 Championship.
If you do not see your name here, I do not have you as having 3 shoots
in the same class. If you feel your name should be on this list and it
is not, please contact me at 276-596-0704 or email dstaylor21@gmail.com
and we will try and resolve the issue. Remember it is a shotgun start
at 10:00 am on August 26. Please be there and signed up by 9:30 so peg
assignments can be made. $15 entry per shooter with $10 per shooter Payback.
Pay out will be 1 place for every 5 entrants in the class. It will be a
20 target shoot with a 5 target shoot down for the top 5 in each class.
Hope to see you there and thank you for supporting the club.


Open #1
Caleb Lewis

Andrew Taylor
Bobby Mullins
Carter Yates
Derick Miller
Joey Collins
Michael Robinson
Phil Goodson

Open Trophy #3
Chris Cannon
Doug Hately
Gabrel Taylor

Known 50 #14
Cody Bryant
Deck Miller
Ed Rich
Jacob Phelps
Jamie Thomas
Jeff Ratliff
Jordy Harmon
Justin Hannah
Kenny Owens
Matt Millard
Richard Owens
Sam Thomas
Seth Austin
Stephen Altizer

Seniors #10
Allen Blevins
Charlie Thomas
Darrell Dyson
Donnie Meadows
Frank Carson
Gary Mumpower
Jerry Campbell
Kenneth Davis
Larry Brown
Sid Lett

Known 40 Men #39
Adam Kiser
Arron Carr
Arron Webb
Austin Almany
Brad Carr
Brent Davenport
Brain Boggs
Brain Robinette
Charlie Parsons
Darrell Lovelace
Dave Whitt
David Cannon
Deck Miller
Drew Pruitt
Ed Rich
Eugene Mason
Greg Skelton
James Alexander
Jim Fadial
Jimmy Stearns
Joey Crigger
John Robinson
Jon White
Jonah Barnard
Jonathon Chandler
Jonathon Shuttle
Josh Honeycutt
Josh Skelton
Justin Peterson
Kevin Meadows
Landon Sayers
Logan Altizer
Logan Lagow
Marcus Sayers
Mike Cannon
Seth Austin
Skip Henry
Tadd Hall
Triston Hughes

Known 40 Women #7
Austin Ratliff
Angie Henry
April Mumpower
Autumn Cannon
Kristie Cannon
Penny Carson
Susan Caudill

Women Hunter #1
Amber Skelton

Women Open #1
Patt Lett

Traditional #3
Austin Sutherland
Donnie Dingus
Jack Rudy

Cubs #1
Mathew Collins

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