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Kingsport Archery Club
2020 Championship Qualifier List
Championship to be held August 15, 2020
10:00 am Shotgun Start

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Known 40 Men | Known 40 Women | Senior Known | Hunter Women | Youth | Cubs


Below is the qualified shooter list that I have for
the Championship shoot at Kingsport Archery Club to
be held on August 15. If your name is not on this
list I do not have you as qualified to shoot the
Championship. If you feel your name should be on
this list and it is not please contact me at or 276-596-0704 and we
try and figure it out. Championship Shoot is a
shotgun start at 10:00AM  Be there and signed up
by 9:45 so we can peer group the shooters.


Known 45
Kenneth Hileman
Nick Lester
Gary Stearns
Travis George
Travis Shrewsbury
Daniel Nunley
Darrell Buttry
Bryan Bogart
Jon White
Austin Almany
Kevin Meadows
Tyler Stevens
Earl Hess
Justin Peterson
Anthony Walden

Known 50
Logan Altizer
Derrick Thomas
Jacob Harmon

Stephen Altizer
Logan Altizer
Jason Peek

Lamar Mathis
Mike Vicars
Nathan Leonard
Scott Maxwell
Reece Miller
Mike Johnson
Spenser Musick
Allen Russell
Marcus Jennings
James Davidson

Open Trophy
George Brock
Gary Lewis
Travis Combs
Brian Riddle
Randy Riddle

Seniors Open
Gary Mumpower
Sid Lett
Richard Owens
Greg Meadows
Donnie Meadows

Known 40 Men
Jason Peek
Benjamin Mathis
Matthew Reed
Jake Harmon
John Robinson
Lamar Mathis
Tyler Wilson
Issac Salyer
Todd Thomas
Travis Quinley
Matthew Gobble
Kris Stevens
Allen Russell

Known 40 Women
April Mumpower
Patt Lett
Kristie Cannon
Debra Lester
Melissa Owens
Chelsea Owens
Diana Phelps
Susan Caudill
Nicole Bogart
Kelli White
Melissa Stevens

Senior Known
Deck Miller
Kenny Owens
David Cannon
Tony Manis
Eugen Mason
Fred Bowling
Mike Caudill

Hunter Women
Natasha Peek
Courtney Helton

Eathan George
Hayden Maxwell

Hunter Hileman
Sarabeth Bogart
Samantha Bogart
Madelyn Mason

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