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Kingsport Archery Club Outdoor 3D Results
May 14, 2011
30 Targets

Men's Open | Hunter | Open Trophy | Traditional
Cub | Door Prizes

Men's Open	       Score
1. Cody Bryant 		DNC*  Pd. $9.60
2. Nathan Winters 	DNC*

1. Mike Vicars    	300   1st Pl
2. Mike McInturff 	292   2nd Pl
3. Dennis Taylor  	285   3rd Pl
4. Adam Jones 		274
5. Steven McInturff 	272
6. Logan Winstead 	272
7. Buddy Merchant 	271
8. Gary Arwood 		270
9. Jerry Chaffin 	270
10. David White 	259
11. Jeff Graybeal 	248
12. Billy Gobble 	238
13. Brian McPherson 	232
14. Bert Carden 	228
15. Jan Updike 		DNC

Open Trophy
1. Nathan McKinney 	318   1st Pl
2. Ronnie McKinney 	312
3. Darrell Chaffin 	306
4. Mike Williams 	242
5. Landon Frye 		DNC*
6. Jamie Thomas 	DNC*

1. Johnny Price 	238   Pd. $9.60
2. Donnie Kinard 	235

1. Zac Winters 		DNC*

Practice Shooters 5ea

Sports Unlimited Door Prizes
Cody Bryant 		Tree Stand
Jon Saul 		Ammo boxes, Hat
Donnie Kinard 		FrogTogg Suit
Dennis Taylor 		Fishing net, hooks & worms
Cody Bryant 		Scents
Nathan Winters 		Turkey decoys
Jeff Graybeal 		Gloves & Fanny Pack
Steven McInturff 	$25 Gift Certificate
Allan Neal 		Broadheads
Bert Carden 		Broadheads
Gary Frye 		Diawa Fishing reel
Logan Winstead 		Backstrap & Gloves
Mike Williams 		Fillet Knife
Dave White 		$25 Gift Certificate
Johnny Price 		Worms
Jimmy Sturgill 		Turkey locator calls
Zac Winters 		Sun Glasses
Darrell Chaffin 	Worms
Gary Arwood 		Hook sharpener
Jan Updike 		Fishing line
John Schammel 		Crank baits & sun glasses
Nathan McKinney 	Walleye Jigs
Jamie Thomas 		Fishing jigs
Ronnie McKinney 	Worms
Landon Frye 		Fishing rod
Adam Jones 		Headband & jigs
Mike Vicars 		Heated head band
Billy Gobble 		Crank bait
Jerry Chaffin 		Heated kidney belt
Mike McInturff  	Heated Head band
Brian McPherson 	Gun cleaning kit
Buddy Merchant 		Turkey mount kit

* Due to rain

We like to thanks everyone who came to our shoot this weekend.  I hope you
enjoyed our range and you come back again.  And thanks to Sports Unlimited
for sponsoring our shoot and providing the prizes listed above.

Kingsport Archery Club

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