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These results brought to you by:

Kingsport Archery Club
2013 Qualified Shooters List
Shooters must have 2 shoots in the same
class to qualify for the Championship

If you think your name should be on here and it is not, please contact Dennis Taylor
Please be signed up by 9:45am. Shotgun start at 10:00am. September 14

Open Money | Open Trophy | Hunter | Seniors
Women Hunter | Women Open Trophy | Youth | Known 50

Open Money
Logan Frye
Michael Mumpower
Matt Millard
Chris McCarter
Adam Wise

Open Trophy
Gary Lewis
Justin Peterson
Michael A Campbell
Landon Frye
Kenneth Hileman
Shawn Robinson
Phillip Williams
Todd Allen
John Robinson

Harry Frye
Logan Jones
Marty Perterson
Dave Atkins
Greg Williams
Duane Pickle
Tyler Gilliam
Gary Arwood
Josh Lucas
Rick Ashworth
Josh Skelton
Rob Kennedy
Micheal Gillenwater
Terry Bryant
Joel Joyner
Randy Jones
Mike Vicars
Sheldon Fox
Scott Johnson
Mike Sampson
Travis Payne
Regan Keller
Richard Chappman
Jason Fields
Manuel Peterson
John Robinson

Sid Lett
Frank Carson
Don McCarter

Women Hunter
Rebecca Waites

Women Open Trophy
Elizabeth Hileman

Jake Joyner

Known 50
Todd Chapman
Dennis Taylor
Matt Grimes
Adam Wise
Joel Joyner
Kenneth Hileman

Above is the 2013 qualified shooters list. If you think your name should be on here
and it is not please contact me Dennis Taylor and let me know. Please be there and
signed up by 9:45 it is a shotgun start at 10:00. Hope to see you all there.


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