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Lewis & Clark Outdoors
Championship Qualifiers
Championship is April 29th and May 1st

Jason Coleman
Matt Coleman
CD Miller
Travis Gilley 
Buddy Marchant
Josh Cregger
Terry Minton
Moose Minton
Billy Wyatt
Tony Russell
Darrell Woodward
Rusty Shortt
Don Davis
Tony Blevins
Tyler Grinstead
Mark Campbell
Kevin Mcclure
Chad Doss
Derek Clug 
Duane Pickle
Hunter Short
Austin Doss
Kyle Plemmons
Hope Doss
Alan Blevins

Open Class		$10.00
Hunter Class		$10.00
Youth Class		$10.00
Cub Class		$10.00

100% pay back on 3 Places and 55%/30%/15% and a 1st Place Trophy Only on all Classes.

Hope everyone can attend.

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