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Morristown Toy's for Tot's Indoor Benefit Shoot Results
December 11, 2010
Vegas Face

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Men's Open | Men's Hunter | Women's Open
Traditional | Kids under 12 | Donations

Men's Open	       Score-X's
1. Steven Day 		300-22 1st
2. Steven Haag 		300-15
3. Jacob Harmon 	295-20
4. Mike Hopkins 	294-16
5. Mark Malone 		290-10
6. Jordy Harmon 	N/S

Men's Hunter
1. Jerry Bush 		289-12 1st
2. Chris Jones 		N/S
3. Daniel McCaslin 	N/S

Women's Open
1. Mitzi Biggers 	283-14 1st
2. Kandace Haag 	125-3

1. Joe Jones 		N/S
2. T.J. Fields 		N/S

Kids under 12
1. Ryan Hopkins 	143-12 1st
2. Cidney Hopkins 	 95-0 1st
3. Matthew Malone	 83-0 1st

These are the kind hearted people that just came out to donate to this worthy cause.
1. Mickey Haag
2. Toot Haag
3. Jeff Hinkle
4. Bosey Killian
5. Kevin Dingus
6. Tim French
7. Steve Shoun
8. Calvin Dykes

A special thanks to Mr. Joe Golden, who's not really into archery, but made a kind
donation for the children.

Special thanks to Tim French and Calvin Dykes, for running the timers booth, so I
could be free to sign in people and take some really crummy photographs.

**Morristown Archery Club would like express its deepest gratitude to each and every
person that came out to support us and the support they gave to this worthy cause.
You'll "Recieve" no greater Joy, than to "Give a gift of Love" for a child in need.
We had so much fun and fellowship and we hope to see everyone at our next event.

God Bless everyone and have a very "Merry Christmas"


Pictures from 2010 Toys for Tots benefit shoot

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