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Morristown Indoor Results
Tuesday Night League
January 17, 2012
5 Spot

Team 1         Score  X's
Jordy Harmon   	300   60   $20.00
James Harmon	300   58   $20.00

Team 2
Jerry Bush      300   48
J.R.Shultz      299   44

Team 3
Harold Kite     296   33
Rodney Kite   	279   44

Team 4
Mark Handren     42    0
Patrick Handren  17    1

Thanks to the guys for another fun and eventful evening and congratulations
to Jordy Harmon for shooting a perfect round. I would like to send a special
thanks to Mark and Patrick Handren for shooting their first indoor
competition with traditional gear with us. Hopefully the first of many.


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