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Morristown Indoor Results
October 24, 2009
30 shot 5 spot Team Shoot

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Team	      Score-X's Total-X's
1st place
Kevin Dingess  	149-25
Jordy Harmon  	150-24	  299-47

James R Bailey
Tadd Hall  		  299-41

Johnny Sowders 	149-18
Tom Swartout 	150-18	  299-36

Melissa Carter  147-14
Steven Day 	150-27	  297-41

Calvin Dykes  	146-18
Robert Carter 	150-22    296-40

Jerry Bush  	149-21
Shannon Harris 	146-14    295-35

Ronnie Turner 	143-10
Mark Malone 	292-28    292-28

Stevie Haag  	150-23
Mickey Haag 	127-8     277-30

Eric Moore  	 88-3
Kenny Weaver 	149-24	  237-27

Jacob Phelps 	150-30
Sierra Nicely 	 55-1 	  205-31

Belinda Nicely 	 45-1
Tim Nicely 	 87-7	  132-7

We want to take the time to thank everyone who came out to shoot
and support the club and we also would like some input from our
shooters so if any of you guys have any suggestions about any more
indoor fun shoots that you would like to do please get in contact
with one of our officers at the club or you can send an e-mail to
ladyarcher39@yahoo.com. Once again thank everyone so much.

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