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Morristown Outdoor 3D Wilderness Shoot Results
September 15/16, 2012
20 Targets

Mens	               Score 12's
1. J.R.Shultz 		198   6
2. James Harmon 	182   3
3. Jessie Cline 	181   4
4. Allen Dawson 	181   1
5. Richard Fultz 	176   2
6. Jimmy Starnes 	169   3
7. Rick Thornburg 	168   0
8. Gary Cline 		166   1
9. Ethan Ramsey 	130   2
10. Willie Cline 	n/s

Youth Boys
1. Conner Richardson 	128   0
2. C.J. Ross 		123   0
3. Isaac Bennett 	102

The winners of the wilderness challenge course are
Jordy Harmon with a combined score of 625 and 26 12's

Youth Boys
C.J.Ross  with a combined score of 409 and 0  12's

We would like to say thank you to all who came and shot with us this season
This was the last 3D this season and we will post our indoor schedule as soon as
it becomes available. We would also like to thank Deck Miller for doing an outstanding job
at SHOOTARCHERY.COM. Without the shooters we would not have a club to enjoy and
without Deck Miller we would not have a place to be informed and help keep everyone
up to date. We hope to see everyone next 3D season and we are going to try to have
a packed house for the indoor season coming up .

Thanks again to everyone
J.R. Shultz

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