provides 3 Free services to Archery Clubs
1. We will post your tournament schedule
2. We will post your tournament results
3. We will post your contact info and the driving directions to your club

We do this free of charge, but we do have some minimal requirements.
1. We ask that all participating clubs tell their shooters that the results will be on
    We ask that all our Participating Clubs create a poster or make some kind of
    sign board, that says the Results of their tournaments will be posted on
    We ask that you post this sign where all your shooters can see.
2. We require the clubs to email us their complete results in a format we can work with, within
    two days of any scheduled tournaments completion. If the tournament is cancelled or no shooters
    show, we ask that you email us and notify us that there will be no results for that shoot, and
    we will update the site accordingly.
3. Participating Clubs must submit an email address to be posted in their Contact/Info block
4. We ask prospective clubs to read and agree to the documents at the following links:

Preferred Format
Scope and Purpose
New Clubs

If you can agree to our minimal requirements, you may email us with the following information
We will need your clubs:

Clubs Official Name
Address of the Club if available, (some Clubs won't have a physical address)
Driving Directions, in the way you want them to appear on the site,
Contact info, (names, phone numbers, email addresses)
Tournament Schedule...

email to: is growing and enjoys a lot of traffic. Even if your club already has a web-site or
facebook page, you still need to use's free services. We are already getting the
traffic, and we will put your clubs link on our site and in your results pages.

You can never have enough Internet exposure. People come to our site looking for a shoot, and then
return to see the results.

Several of our participating clubs already have their own web-sites and or facebook page, but they
still use ShootArchery's free services, mainly because they know we are already getting the traffic.
When we link their Clubs site or facebook page on, then they really see an increase
in traffic on their clubs page.

You can also follow on facebook and be notified the minute new results or schedules
are posted on the web-site

Thanks for inquiring....

Deck Miller

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