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Morristown Thanksgiving food drive Indoor Results
Nov 13, 2004
40 Targets

We had a total of 40 animal paper targets that we
shot with the best possible score being a 400.

We had a tie for 1st place with Jason Ayers and
Stevie Haag both shooting a 380.

2nd place Jerry Bush
3rd place Logan Frye
4th place Gary Frye
5th place Rufus Rogers
6th place Mickey Haag
7th place Toot Haag
8th place Tom Jones
9th place Hope Rogers
10th place Sandy Donesky
11th place Cody Brooks
12th place James R Bailey
13th place Paul Poppe
14th place Landon Frye

We would like to thank everyone who came out to participate and help with 
such a worthy cause and hope everyone will come out next Saturday for our 
regular 5 spot/1 spot tournament.

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