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Morristown HFTH Results
July 24,25 2004

We had a total of 95 shooters for the weekend.

15 target known yardage          95 shooters
1st Scott Cope   		170-10
2nd Stevie Haag 		160-6
3rd Kelly King   		160-5

15 target wilderness course      93 shooters
1st Bill McCall   		164-7
2nd Jimmy Pratt 		161-10
3rd Tim Farmer   		158-7

Indoor 30 shot round
1st Sandy Donesky   		148-16
2nd Toot Haag           	146-12
3rd Josh Hickman      		128-7

Long Shot
1st Jerry Bush

Killer Bee
1st Gary Cline

We would like to take the time to thank everyone who came out and 
participated in this event and also everyone who helped us sponsor it.

ABG Caulking and Waterproofing-Morristown, TN
Alpha Discount Merchandise & Auction House-Morristown, TN
Denise Garcia Special Order Cakes-Bean Station
Eagle's Wing Archery-Lenoir City, TN
Five Points Restaurant-Morristown, TN
Give a Gift-Bean Station
Golden Corral-Morristown, TN
Holt's IGA-Bean Station
Justin's-Morristown, TN
Lakeway Floral Wholesale-Bean Station
Miller's-Piney Flat's, TN
Minor's Marine-Morristown, TN
North Carolina Furniture Liquidation-Bean Station
Pape's-Louisville, KY
Pizza Plus-Bean Station
Robinson Outdoors-Knoxville, TN
Rusty Wallace-Morristown, TN
Ryan's Steakhouse-Morristown, TN
Schwan's Fine Food-Morristown, TN
Smoky Mountain Outfitters-Morristown, TN
Subway-Bean Station
Tom's Sporting Goods-Morristown, TN
West End Lanes-Morristown, TN

And a special thanks to Shootarchery.com

The pleasure is all ours....

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