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Morristown Archery Club
September 3, 2005 Appreciation Shoot
20 Targets

We would like to thank everyone that supported our shoots this year, we hope
you had a great time at Morristown Archery Club, any suggestions to better
our club are always welcome. You can write them on paper and leave them in
the pay box or see any club officer at any shoot to discuss ideas.

We had over 80 shooters come out for our appreciation shoot. I hope you all
had a fun time and a full belly.

Don't forget our shoot this coming weekend Saturday and Sunday the 10th and
11th from 9 till 3 each day.

Note From ShootArchery.com:
Morristown held a one day free appreciation shoot with 20 targets
and plenty of good food. We want to thank Morristown for this fine
gesture. Although no scores were recorded, the course was challenging
the food was great.

Thanks guys... enjoyed it !!

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