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New River Grayson County Field Results
August 27, 2006
28 Targets

Female Cub Bare Bow | Adult Male Bare Bow | Adult Male Traditional
Adult Male Bowhunter Freestyle | Adult Female Freestyle | Adult Male Freestyle

Female Cub Bare Bow    Score X's
1. Hope Wymer		433 5X
Adult Male Bare Bow
1. Larry Emerson    	422 6X
Adult Male Traditional
1. George Dalton     	365 5X
2. Wesley Dalton    	220 3X
Adult Male Bowhunter Freestyle
1. Mike Shupe        	532 43X
2. John Tuttle         	512 31X
3. Lloyd Overfelt    	484 22X

Adult Female Freestyle
1. Joan Hines        	474 15X
Adult Male Freestyle
1. Alan Hines        	542 59X
2. Gary Clark         	475 15X
3. K. Cockman      	440 5X
Had a total of 10 shooters on a perfect day. Next week we are hosting the
Virginia Bowhunters State Closed. This will consist of 28 Field Targets on
Saturday, 14 Hunter and 14 Animal on Sunday. Shooting Registration will be
on Friday evening between 6 and 8 PM and on Saturday morning beginning at
7 AM. We will talk at 8 AM and will begin shooting at 8:30 AM both days.
Long range weather says it will be cool and nice. Hope to see you there. 
Joan & Alan

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