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Outback Archery Range Outdoor 3D Results
Bowhunters Challenge 2009
September 26/27, 2009
30 Targets

Bowhunter | Cubs | Prize Winners | Long Distance
Sponsoring Businesses

Scores not kept. We determined all winners by random
drawings of score cards. Participates in no particular
order. Winners listed below participates list.

1. Henry Holt
2. Perry Vest
3. Lane Stewart
4. James Hodge
5. Ronnie Hodge
6. Nathan Thompson
7. Scott Mason
8. Doug Rozzel
9. Jarrod Sizemore
10. Aaron Sayers
11. Josh Delide
12. Butch Coleman
13. Kenneth Mullins
14. Larry Clark
15. Shawn Reed
16. Eric Gray
17. Samantha Gray
18. Kevin White
19. Harold Waldron
20. Dwayne Moore
21. Aaron Boothe
22. Rusty Simpson
23. James Hicks
24. Phillip Barker
25. Rick Thornsberry
26. David Rash
27. Matt Roman
28. Shane Dyson
29. Kevin McMillion
30. P-Tom
31. Melinda McMillion
32. Austin White
33. Frankie Grose Jr.
34. Bud Whittaker
35. Austin Whittaker
36. John Jennings
37. Mike King
38. Bobby King
39. Jim Sangid
40. Kenny Kincaid
41. Andrew Kincaid
42. Dennis Lilly
43. Mark Carrico
44. Jennifer Johnson
45. Bobby Berry
46. Jason Neal Jr.
47. Cody Neal
48. Mark Taylor
49. Chris Sharitz
50. Frank Tiller
51. Ricky Lester
52. James Gouge
53. Jason Stiltner
54. Terry Stiltner
55. John Stiltner

56. Remington Dyson
57. Justin King
58. Hannah Lilly
59. Casey Cook
60. Hunter Kade

Prize Winners
1. Remington Dyson	   Parker Sidekick Youth Bow
2. Hunter Kade		   Scott Little Goose Youth release
3. Casey Cook		   Tru Ball Stinger Youth release
4. Hannah Lilly	Victory    V-Force Jr Arrows
5. Justin King		   Victory V-Force Jr Arrows
6. Dennis Lilly	           Hog Hunt at Mountain Meadows
7. Garrett Jennings	   QAD Drop Away arrow rest
8. Norman Stewart	   Millers ATV Gift certificate
9. Phillip Barker	   B&G Gift Certificate
10. Frankie Grose Jr.	   Bow Case
11. Bobby King		   Viper Sights
12. Mike King		   Primos Saw
13. Bud Whittaker	   Trail Camera
14. Jason Stiltner	   Pro Pod bow holder
15. Bobby Berry		   G5 Striker Broadheads
16. Samantha Gray	   Release Bag
17. Frank Tiller	   Bohning Quiver
18. Lane Stewart	   Rage Broadheads
19. David Rash		   Feeder
20. Cody Neal		   Scent Away Elimination Kit
21. Mark Taylor		   B&G Gift Certificate
22. Melinda McMillion	   Millers ATV gift certificate
23. Jennifer Johnson	   EZ Hanger
24. Dwayne Moore	   Backpack
25. Andrew Kincaid	   Pro Pod bow holder
26. Jarrod Sizemore	   Sportsmans Pride Taxidermery Gift Certificate
27. Matt Roman		   Alpine Soft Loc Quiver
28. Scott Mason		   G5 Striker Broadheads
29. Aaron Sayers	   Morrell Bone Collector Bag Target
30. Chris Sharitz	   Scott Mongoose Release
31. Mark Carrico	   Morrell Broadhead Target
32. Terry Stiltner	   Muzzy Broadheads
33. Shane Dyson		   Vapor Arrows
34. Jason Neal Jr.	   Trail Camera
35. James Hicks		   Shooting Chair
36. Kevin Stewart	   EZ Hanger

Long Distance
Frank Tiller               new treestand

Team Shoot
David Rash and Larry Clark

Once again the weather got us. Saturday was a washout but Sunday
was a great day to shoot. Everyone seemed to like the new range,
however I still feel that it needs a lot of work to make it better.
I want to thank everyone that came out to shoot and helped support
the range. It has been a lot of work to get the new location up and
running. When we drew Remington Dyson's name for the new bow the look
on his face was priceless. That moment made all the hard work and
preparation worth every second. I hope to see everyone next year.
Archery is a great sport, try to bring a friend if you can, especially a kid.

I want to thank the local businesses that helped make this shoot possible.
Without them I couldn't have made this shoot possible. If you can go visit
their business locations I would appreciate it.

Sponsoring Businesses

B&G Pro Shop			304-589-7432
T&S Contracting			304-425-3161
JBC Archery			304-763-3109
Spot On Bowstrings		304-920-4433
Mountain Heritage Archery       (coming soon to Athens Road in Princeton, WV)
Sportsmans Pride Taxidermy	304-589-3671
Millers ATV			304-589-5277
Mountain Meadows		304-832-6635
Tru Ball
Victory Arrows

Thanks and see you next year.  Now it is time to become a tree hugger and get in a stand.

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