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Powell Mountain Archery Outdoor 3D Results
August 26/27, 2017
25 Targets

Menís Open | Mení K-50 | Menís K-40 | Bowhunters | RU/Traditional | Youth Hunter | Future Bowhunter

Menís Open             Score   12's
1. Derek Nester         267    13  1st
2. Angela Nester        244     5
3. Elwin Dillon         235     7

Mení K-50
1. Todd Craghead        268     8  1st

Menís K-40
1. Brandon Fontaine     187     1  1st

1. Travis Hayton        234     4  1st
2. Raymond Honaker      DNF

1. Aaron Ray            187     3  1st

Youth Hunter
1. Heath Evans          DNF

Future Bowhunter
1. Marley Kade          163     1  1st

Practice Round          12

We want to thank everyone for coming out to shoot this weekend.
Our final shoot will be the Bowhunter Challenge(hunter setup)
on September 16. Broadheads are not permitted. We will have door
prize drawings throughout the day. Powell Mountain Archery wants
to thank Deck for providing and maintaining such a great website.

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