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Sage Creek Outdoor 3D Results
Jimmy and Lisa Cave Benefit Shoot
October 6/7, 2012
30 Targets

Senior Open | Open Trophy | Bowhunter | Bow Novice
Female Bowhunters | Youth | Cubs | Fun Round
Team Shoot | Door Prize

Senior Open	       Score
1. Mark Trombley 	286 1st
2. Johnny Viers 	280

Open Trophy
1. Todd Miller 		310 1st
2. Rick Willimas 	293
3. Rick Mosley 		272

1. Mark McBride 	293 9 1st
2. John Barber 		293 4 2nd
3. Jonathan Mosley 	292
4. Brian Nelson 	270
5. Teddy Dickerson 	264
6. Josh Martin 		263
7. Jake Dellinger 	255
8. Robert Troutman 	254
9. Greg Lineberry 	250
10. Ben Mahafty 	184
11. Charles Golding 	Inc
12. Johnny Marion 	No Score
13, Travis Dull 	No Score
14. Tony Sidden 	No Score

Bow Novice
1. William Cavanaugh 	248 1st
2. Jacob Golding 	214

Female Bowhunters
1. Heather Gammons 	 64 1st
2. Christy Mahafty 	 55
3. Donna Martin 	No Score
4. Lisa Miller 		No Score

1. Colin Hardy 		225 1st
2. Reid Lineberry 	202 2nd
3. Isaiah Cupp 		177
4. Devin Gammons 	 74
5. Christan Marion 	No Score

1. Austin McBride
2. Isaiah Mahufty
3. Daniel Troutman
4. Orion Martin
5. Noah Troutman
6. Gabby Troutman

Fun Round
1. Mark McBride

Team Shoot
Teddy Dickerson/Jeremy Moss 106 $40 (Donated)
Greg Lineberry/Mark McBride 106 $40 (Donated)

Door Prize
Free Bow or Gun Camo Dip Job Winner (Donated by Travis Dalton)
John Barber

Raffle Tickets are still available for a SKB Bow Case and Marlin 22 Rifle (Donated by Todd Davis and Joey Davis)

Thanks to everyone that came to shoot with us this weekend. Thanks to all the team shooters, including young
Austin McBride and Reid Lineberry, for donating all of the team shoot money to the benefit. A big thanks goes
out to Charles Golding for the fantastic cooking job he did once again. All food sales were by donation. Thanks
to Teddy Dickerson, Jeremy Moss, and Charles Golding for helping run the range. Jimmy and Lisa really appreciated
what everyone did for them. All in all, $805 was raised for the benefit. Thanks again for all that came out, and
we hope we see you again next year.

Sage Creek

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