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Shady Lane
August 20, 2005 3D Championship Results


Top Gun | Mens Unlimited | Mens Open | Mens Traditional | Mens Senior
Womens Open | Mens Open Trophy | Mens Bow Hunter | Womens Bowhunter
Young Adult | Youth | Cubs | Women's Traditional | Pictures | More Info

Top Gun
1. Altizer, Stephen
2. Hayden, Adam				

Mens Unlimited
1. Kilby, Kevin
2. Mullins, Norm

Mens Open	
1. Whicker, Carson
2. Brooks, Randy
3. Johnson, Scott

Mens Traditional
1. Nease, Gary
2. Sells, T.P.

Mens Senior
1. Castle, Jim

Womens Open
1. Meadows, Whitney

Mens Open Trophy
1. Isaacs, Steve
2. Brooks, Cody
3. Wise, Greg

Mens Bow Hunter
1. Hudson, Shawn
2. Greene, Tim
3. Johnson, Johnny
4. Shuttle, Howard
5. Lockner, Wade

Womens Bowhunter
1. Shuttle, Becky

Young Adult
1. Frye, Logan				
2. Helton, Shawn				

1. Turner, Donovan
2. Greene, Amanda

1. Shuttle, Jonathan
2. Isaacs, Heather

Women's Traditional
1. Nease, Rhonda

Congratulations to all the Champions!

Thanks to everyone for their participation in this championship and making it
a success. Thanks to everyone who brought food or helped out in any way.
A special thanks to Mahoney’s, Grundy Outdoorsman, Damascus Food City, Jerry
Campbell, Shawn Hudson, Wayne Caudill, Tim Bradley, Jonathan Harrison, Becky
Shuttle and Sherry Kilby. We hope everyone had a good time.

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